All year long many moms forget to take care of their basic needs to ensure that they remain healthy.

Skipping meals, missing workouts and not finding time for skin care, over time can have a negative impact on your health and body confidence. It’s time for a working mom fitness makeover plan so that you can look and feel your best.


Tips for a Working Mom Fitness Makeover

Set a Fitness Goal

Improving your overall fitness level can positively impact you and the children you love so much. As your fitness improves, you will be able to better keep up with them and their busy schedule. Set a personal goal. Do you want to be stronger, faster, have more endurance, improve your energy level—or all of the above? If you set a goal to get active and write it down, taking the action steps to achieve it will be much easier.


Treat Yourself to a Fitness Gadget or App

Now that you’ve set a goal for yourself, think of a way that you can monitor your progress. Investing in simple gadgets, such as a pedometer or heart rate monitor, may help keep you motivated and enable you to celebrate your improvements. There are several free apps for smart phones, so spend some time to explore what technology will best suit your needs.


Look for an Event to Participate in

Having something active to look forward to on a weekly or monthly basis, and better yet, doing it with a friend will help keep you on track with your fitness plan. There are so many fun fitness events to consider: 5k runs, charity events, local dance classes and many more. Treating yourself to a special occasion is a great way to energize after a long week.


Take Mini Breaks

Find time everyday for a mini fitness break. A five minute workout on your busy days is better than doing nothing at all. Every second counts when it comes to getting fit and relieving your stress level. With so many mini workouts online from which to choose, you have no excuses. My fit tips channelwill help you get started.


Schedule Some M-“OM” Time

By ‘OM’ I mean yoga, stretching, breathing and meditation. It’s great if you can do some every day before bed, or whenever you’re feeling stressed out and overwhelmed. It’s amazing how refreshing taking five deep breaths can be, especially when the little ones are testing your patience. A stretching session before you go to bed may improve your sleep, too.


5 Working Mom Workouts

In order to shape up and get fit, you need to engage in a well-rounded fitness plan that includes cardio, strength, flexibility and endurance. Squeezing in a workout, even if it’s short, is better than doing nothing at all. Here are five routines that you can add to your week, based on how much time you have available.

This one simple move will work all of your muscles.

One-move 5 min challenge

Find your inner child and challenge your coordination with this fun jump rope routine.

10 minute jump rope

This athletic routine will get your heart rate up and help to build strength.

20 minute cardio

Put on your running shoes and get outside to run. The fresh air will give you a boost, too.

40 minute running and conditioning

This stretching routine can be added to the end of any workout, or done as a stand-alone routine to help relieve stress.

10 minute stretch and stress reliever

Stress and inactivity are two health risk factors that you can make a conscious effort to eliminate from your life. I hope you can find a way to do your own working mom fitness makeover, because dedicating some time each day for self-improvement may make you a better parent, partner or colleague at work


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